So I’m thinking of creating a YouTube channel….I don’t know if it would be about bdsm…or just a vlog…or what. But I kind of love the idea of just talking about random stuff and then getting comments and questions. And like doing Q& A things..and other fun stuff…who knows. 

Part of scene from sub perspective

I closed my eyes, trying to calm my nerves. As he got out his toys and began to clean them…I attempted to not act like a total fool and hide away under the covers with embarrassment. I only tucked my head a few times. Then he said that we should start with my underwear on.

I told myself, you’ve got this…damn! I am not wearing the sexiest of panties I could be. I warned him as I took off my top. But he calmed me and I took a few breaths before taking off my pants. I felt so vulnerable.

I wanted to be a good sub for him. I was going to do exactly what he told me to do.

He put me in a position and told me to stay there. My arms crossed behind my back, and I stood perfectly still.

I watched as he used red rope to tie around me and even tried to make things easier for him if he had to manipulate things. The music that was in the room washed over me and settled onto me like a soothing blanket. And I stood tall and still, hoping that my stomach didn’t stand out too much or that my thighs didn’t look too big, or that my ass looked good.

I already felt very aware of my upper body. And how my bra and rope exentuated my tits. Then, he had me sit down on a leather swivel chair and scoot back as far as I could. He tied my ankles to the chair, and then wrapped rope around my body to keep me still.

So many different insecurities were running through my head, but then he put a soft, cushy blindfold over my eyes. And then, I knew I had to completely trust him. And I let myself relax.

And then….it is a bit of a haze. I do not remember the sequence or the order of how things happened, but just things here and there.

He put the vibrator up to my pussy. And it was such a shock to feel so much stimulation at once. He told me I could not cum without permission.

He rubbed it against me. Then I had to grind for it.

At one point when he had me grind for the vibrator, I was completely aware of him watching me, which definitley turned me on.

When I asked for permission to cum, he would sometimes have me count…either to 10 or to 30. But no matter what, it had to be slow and steady. When he took my underwear off and put the vibrator directly on my clit, I thought I was going to die. It was so much pressure and stimulation. Yet, I knew that was where I was going to orgasm. I was vaguely aware of making the typical noise one hears guys make fun of girls when they cum, and trying not to be loud. But I let myself go, and came.

I came four times on the leather seat. And after each time I had to say, “Thank you, sir.” I felt so alive and submissive, I was truly grateful for the orgasms he had allowed me to have.

He undid my rope and told me to stand up. I could feel my pussy tingling and I was finally aware my hands felt similar. After a few minutes, my hands and pussy felt normal, as I relaxed.

I knew that I would not forget the leather chair, the rope marks, or the feelings easily.


I was looking through my terminology pages and saw this word and was quite intrigued.

Edging is when you stimulate yourself or someone else to the point of an orgasm, but never getting to an orgasm until you decide to. It is used in all types of relationships, not just bdsm.

When you edge, it is said you cam have a more intense orgasm. Which I can verify. I have often edged myself while masturbating. The way I do it is: I stimulate around my clip until I feel an orgasm coming, then I slow down on the speed or pressure and redo from the top, until I can’t stand it anymore. I have only been able to edge myself four times as the maximum. But most of the time it is only twice. Once I let myself orgasm….well I can assure you it is quite intense. 

It’s not just for females, but for males too. Though I don’t have any knowledge of that.

If you try it with a partner, make sure to get there consent. It can be quite traumatic to feel so close and then all the stimulation is taken away. Sometimes, even for me, once I take my hand away, I feel so gone that I just press my legs together so my vagina’s swollen lips can have some friction.

Yes…I realize I am being quite detailed. But for you ladies out there wanting to try new things….it’s fantastic!

In a more bdsm tone, edging/orgasm control can be a great for Dominants showing their power. You can even train your submissive to come on command after they have been edged. 

Again each person is different. And some people might not like the orgasm denial to be long, others actually do like when it takes them so long before they can come, and others may not like it all.

Anyway, if you have more questions just let me know. 

Also…happy 2017

Merry Holidays!

Merry Holidays!


I haven’t been posting much here, which I again apologize for, but I want to say something this holiday.

Thank you dear readers. Without you I wouldn’t even try to post anything. But seeing you like my posts and comment, makes me feel very good about myself.

I have 76 followers. And I appreciate each one of you guys!

As always, please let me know if I can help you with any topic you would like to hear, I will try my best to provide accurate information.

Again Happy Holidays everyone!!

Baby steps

I appologize, I have not been writing on this blog very much. I have been devoting most of my time to my school, work, girlfriend, and sorry…my more personal blog.

However, I thought it would be interesting to do a post catered to those curious “vanillas”, or young kinkers.

 So you’re curious about BDSM and you don’t know what to do about it. Well, first off, you have come to the right place. This blog is all for you. I don’t how many of you actually read this, but I hope that I help  in some way.

If you learn anything from my blog it’s this: research, research, research.

Really, in my opinion, you should research a bit before having sex, that way you and your partner can have the best shot the first time you do it together.

Even if you don’t have a partner, it doesn’t matter.

If you aren’t really much of a reader, well then…you won’t be reading this. However, still, a good way to know what your likes and dislikes are simply through porn.

That’s a shocker. Watch different porn types. See what you like. And if you are like me, you could also find a sexy BDSM story that works, because sometimes you would rather experience the kink and not see it. The point is to get an idea of what you like before you start something with another person.

If you find that you really like the idea of BDSM, continue research. However, now lets go onto some more steps:

  1. Find another person who is into BDSM, or at least a person you can talk to about it.
  2. Find multiple people who are into BDSM and whose story of how they came to realise it or what they are into, so that you can really learn from them. They could be anybody, even someone online.  Just make friends. Do not be by yourself in this.

Allright, just shoot me an email if you have any questions for me. 



Words Dominants should say

Since I am attempting to be the more dominant in my relationship (and really loving it), I decided that I should look at things submissives like to hear from their Dominants. Or things Dominants have said to their submissives. For  those of you are like me and just starting their dominating side, I decided to give you a list of some phrases and words I found. Some of these phrases or words I am going to say need context, but most likely you can use your imagination for that. Each submissive is different, so don’t expect all submissives to grow weak at the knees with just any of these. I also put some in that may only work if your submissive is a girl or a boy, and some I put in that would only work if you male or female. I  am going to say now that I might not personally say all of these.

Here is a list:

I’m not done with you yet

Come here.

Now. (at the end of basically any phrase.)

You don’t get to cum until I say so, ok?

I’m going to have my way with you now.

Do you trust me?

Get on your knees.

You’re going to cum for me now.

I want you wet for me.

Mmm this tight/hot little body/ass/pussy belongs to me. Do you understand?

You’re mine to play with and do whatever I want to.

You’re my dirty little slut.

You’re such a good (cocksucking) little slut/girl.

I love your tight/hot/sexy little body/ass/pussy.

I want to cum in that tight/hot/wet little ass/mouth/pussy of yours.

You’re not allowed to orgasm until I cum at least twice.

You are so beautiful.

Hold still, do not move!

Look into my eyes!

Spread your legs for me!

I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you. (whispered)

Did you just tell me how to do something?

You like that, don’t you?



I’m sure there are a zillion other things a Dominant can say, but those are just a few. With this said, like always, make sure you get know your submissive well enough to say some of these things, or even ask them.

Happy Dominating.






So after some research 😉 😉

…I realised that I actually like my nipples played with. 

Also, like it’s even better when it’s your girlfriend doing it to you. 

Also….on a different note: I think I got into a Domme mind set today for a little bit. It was freaking great!!!