Dominant men from classical literature

I have dreamed about…what if the classic male roles who fit the part were actual Dominants! I start in no particular order. Just as I think of them.

1.Mr. Darcy (Mmm) Pride and Prejudice

2. Colonel Brandon-sense and sensibility. ( I see a strict daddy Dom here)

3.Fredrick Wentworth-Persuasion

4.Robin Hood

5. Aragorn -Lord of the Rings

6. Mr. Rochester -Jane Eyre

7. Henry Tilney – Northanger Abbey (more caring of Dom but I can see it none the less)

8. John Thorton-North and South

9. Jervis Pendleton the third-Daddy long legs

10. Mr. Knightley -Emma

11. Gilbert Blythe-Anne of Green Gables

12. Arthur Clennam-Little Dorrit

I’m sure there are more! But this is what I came up with. 


3 thoughts on “Dominant men from classical literature

  1. Interesting list! Although I don’t see Colonel Brandon as overly strict, he was much too well acquainted with what that would do to a ‘free spirit’! šŸ˜€ Totally Daddy though! LOL (I might refer to my Sir as Colonel Brandon from time to time šŸ˜‰ sshhh )

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