Warning to all those of you who are still not sure whether BDSM is for you or not. I would advise you do not look at the BDSM terminology page, unless you prepare yourself. I have not written everything, so it isn’t horrible, but let’s just say BDSM gets into some pretty dark stuff. There are all levels of people who are in this genre. It doesn’t take much to be interested in something that is under these letters.

If you are wanting something more hard core, then you have come to the wrong place. Here I am trying to urge those scared baby subs and doms to come out and play. Once you find that some of these items to capture you interest and wish to go further…then by all means dig deeper!

I will probably mention this many times, but everything that I talk about and share I have learnt by myself. I emplore others to do the same. Even if you are not interested in BDSM and you find it appalling, one thing everyone can learn from it and should be the most important thing in every sexually or nonsexual relationship is communication. While today’s society is getting more and more liberal and it is becoming easier to talk about sex. There is still this awkwardness about it. Why should we feel nervous about liking something? Why should we feel as though we should hide what we like? I understand that it may be a bit awkward to talk about on a normal basis, but if we allow ourselves to talk about sex, maybe it will be easier to communicate in the bedroom what we want. There should be no guilt. Everyone should be open minded when it comes to sex. This doesn’t mean you should do everything your partner wants to do. It just means that when you guys are discussing new things you don’t just look at them with disgust or horror. Try to analyze your reaction. Is it really horror at what they are doing to you? Or is it why they are doing it to you? Same could be for those who want to do something to another person. That is probably the hardest.

Anyway…I went off topic, but I thought it was important to address. Lesson for today: Keep an open mind!


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