Lifestyle vs. Play

Lets look at BDSM play first. There are people who want to separate their sex life from their regular life. These people will have BDSM scenes. They will have a set time and place to play with their partner and then, after the scene, they will go back to their normal life. This is not bad. This is still BDSM. However it is much different than the lifestyle.

BDSM lifestyle is living your life and encorporating BDSM into it. For instance, the submissive must always tell the Dominant what he/she is doing and where they are going etc. Also, the Dominant can control what the submissive eats, wears, and sometimes when to go to the bathroom and who they talk to. Their different lifestyles inside BDSM, such as DD/lg (DaddyDom/littlegirl). This particular lifestyle has the submissive act like a little girl all the time, while the Dominant takes care of all her needs and works for the both of them. Each relationship is different and therefore each D/s relationship will be different. There are not rules that the two individuals must follow (except for the obvious ones that the Dominant gives the submissive.) So everything is open up for interpretation and experiment.

I can’t say this enough: BDSM is all about communication.

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