The submissive

To be a submissive means to release ones control. To submit to your partner. There are different types of submissives.

Those who only submit in sex, allowing the other person to have control over what they do sexually.

Those who submit their mind to the other person, allowing them to guide their lives for them.

And those who are the natural submissives who give themselves fully to their partners in every way, both sexual and non sexual.

What each submissive does is completely up to the individuals in the relationship. There must be an understanding of what the submissive’s limits are so that the Dominant may know where their soft and hard limits are. The submissive should feel complete pleasure at releasing any control and allowing the Dominant to tell them exactly what to do.

Submissives are not weak. They are strong. They have the ultimate control. They have the control to stop the whole thing with one safe word. They have the power with what their limits are. Just because they submit, doesn’t mean they can be easily used. Because they can submit, they are strong. Submitting is one of the hardest things to do, for most people like to have control over at least something in their life.

To be a submissive means to let go. To not worry. To give up all responsibility. The only thing you must do is obey. You must obey your Dom. You must trust your Dom.

As a submissive, you must not fight yourself. Man or woman, we will doubt ourselves and try to clutch onto the control. But we must let go. If we do not, then we will surely break.

This is a true submissive. One who lives a life with a desire to please his or her Dominant.

You may want to resist having a Dominant because you think it means you can’t be an adult anymore. That is not true. As i have said, and will say many times, each D/s relationship is different. Yes, there are Dominants and submissives who like it when the submissive acts like a child and is treated as such. But right now, we are not talking about that. We are simply talking about being a submissive.

The first and foremost thing in your mind should be: I want to please my partner.

If you have thought this, then you are already making your way to be a great submissive.

Take a look at this link for more information about what a submissive does and how one should act:



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