I’ve already done a post about submissives.

Yet , I think it must be made clear that submitting yourself does not mean you lose yourself. You are finally free. It is a gift not a burden to submit.

I can’t stress this enough for you submissives  or newbies: You must trust your partner completely before agreeing to be their submissive. If there are any doubts, do not rush into it. Talk with your partner. (I’m mostly speaking to those who have or wish to have a D/s lifestyle, but it also applies to before scenes you play.)

I will do a separate post later on about Dominants, but here are a few things submissives should look out for. You should never feel pressured by them to give your submission. Of any kind, even if this means you lose them. A true Dominant will be patient. Of course, they will not want to wait forever, but their chief concern is your welfare and wellbeing.

I also want to point out that I am specifically talking to submissives.

If you are a slave , it is also important to trust your Master, but a slave has no control whatsoever with what the Master does. The submissive has a little more freedom. While both are submitting, a submissive is treated with more respect (no matter how tough the sex and words get.) than a slave.

I will be doing more research on slaves and masters soon, but I wanted to say this little tidbit.

One last note: Submissives, know the difference between dominating and abuse. There is a difference.

If you want to know the difference, I have a post about it called BDSM vs. Abuse


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