Butt Plugs

So I deButtplug.pngcided to a quick post about butt plugs.

Training your asshole to have something in it is a slow process. It is painful, especially when you try to fit bigger stuff in it. Always use lube. If you are like me and are either cheap or don’t want to get caught, use coconut oil. It’s wonderful! Never ever use spit or Vaseline. You may be surprised by spit, but it is actually quite drying to the skin.

First, start with a finger or two. Once you can fit three in there pretty comfortably , try to use an object or butt plug that is small enough to actually get in your arse, but big enough to stretch it a bit.

Basically , as time continues, you use bigger objects or butt plugs.

If you aren’t using an actual butt plug, make sure you use something that has some sort of knob or handle on one end. You really don’t want to have something stuck up your ass.

Those of you who think sticking things up an ass is weird…don’t knock it until you try it.

Their is something erotic and such a turn on to have something inside that is close to your erogenous area.

Be extremely careful with sticking anything in your body and be gentle with yourself. Don’t try something too big your first time. Lead up to it.


14 thoughts on “Butt Plugs

      1. Well, that does make a difference then. I assumed you had an apartment with roommates. It’s too bad this lifestyle means hiding all the time. There is nothing wrong with the stuff you are into and there is nothing wrong with you.


        1. It is something I am use to. But, I do have a couple of friends who know. I think, for the most part, most parents don’t know about the lifestyle or sex life their children live.


        2. And as soon as I realised I was into this stuff , I came to terms with it and realised that it was okay. I’m not hiding because I’m ashamed. I’m hiding because …well I would rather not have that conversation with my family.


        3. True, and vise-versa. Be kinda awkward to show up at the FetLife munch and see your parents in leather the next booth over. 🙂

          I wasn’t implying you should feel ashamed. It’s just that I know a lot of female bloggers who are in their 40’s 50’s and even 60’s before they came out of hiding and asked their husbands to spank them. I think you are being very proactive and having a healthy sexual mindset is wonderful at your age and I admire your dedication and resolve.

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        4. Oh thank you!!! I know that if or when I do marry, it will be to a guy who I feel I trust completely and someone who I know is willing to try new things…or perhaps even kinky themselves. Watching my own parents become basically house mates instead of husband and wife, made me really want the right person. And if that person doesn’t come into my life, then I will move on. I will not settle. Anyway…probably more information than you needed, but I appreciate your support!

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  1. Maw Boon

    You know what… the first time I had anal sex I didn’t actually know you have to train your ass? We just kind of did it. I don’t know why I’m telling you this I just need to let it out lol

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