I probably will do multiple posts about this subject. It is my favorite. There are multiple types of spankings.

Spanking positions!

Playful spankings are light and teasing. They are sometimes a playful warning of what is to come. Or they are just a teasing way to tell the spankee that they are sexy. Usually light slaps on the ass.

Erotic spankings are done as foreplay or during sex. They heighten the intensity of the sexual activity.

Stress relief spankings are done when the spankee is in need to relieve stress and may be on the verge of misbehaving or losing their temper.

Introductory discipline is for spankees who know they will be going into a lifestyle where spankings are administered and the spanker sees what they can handle and what their reactions are.

Submission spankings are just because spankings. It shows the spankee who is boss.

Maintenance spankings are done as a part of a routine. They are administered on a certain day the spanker says, whether the spankee has done something wrong or not.

Punishment spankings are done because the spankee has disobeyed in some way.

Good girl spankings are done to spankees with the constant affirmation that they are a “good girl”.

And there are many more reasons and types of spankings you can get!!!!


As a spankee (or spanko), you have these responisbilities

For your safety:

  1. Make sure you are pursuing spanking for healthy reasons.
  2. Know your limits and limitations.
  3. Explicitly communicate those limits and limitations, where applicable, to your partner.
  4. Effectively safeguard those limits and limitations.

For your fulfillment:

  1. Know what it is that you get out of spanking.
  2. Find trustworthy people who are willing to engage your interest.
  3. Explicitly communicate your needs and desires to your partner


  • Unless you have reason to use your safeword, be accepting enough of the spanking to not demonstrate actual refusal. Don’t send mixed messages.
  • If you have a safeword and need to use it, use it. No excuses.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and fed. Spanking soaks up a lot of energy and water.
  • Keep your skin healthy. Lotion and vitamin E are good. Skin can quickly dry up from spankings, leading to unwanted blistering and / or breakage.

The spanker has these responsibilities:

  • The lead-up to the spanking (lecturing, corner time, etc)
  • How much clothing (if any) covers the bottom
  • The position the spankee will be in
  • Which implements to use
  • The firmness at which to spank
  • The pacing of the spanking
  • The duration of the spanking
  • The conclusion of the spanking (corner time, after care, etc)

The spanker and spankee should have had a conversation before anything else, describing what is expected of each and other concerns or questions or whatever is necessary.

CONSENT! Consent is not something you can ignore. If it is not consensual it is abuse. Remember this at all times.

[Image: rDq3wSK.jpg]

A spanker should really try to learn as much as possible about how to spank someone before they do it. It will be better all around. Even if you are just looking up pictures and watching videos and reading articles.

Spanking positions! There are so many! But i will give you the basics.

Image result for spanking positions


Now the spanking implements are probably more than the positions!

Image result for spanking implements

These are some implements that are commonly used.


Now…for the the question all you newbies have been asking…Why?

Why do you want to be spanked? and why would you want to spank someone.

Look at the more scientific reasons why you would want to do this by looking at this blog.


I could probably go on and on about spankings. But for now…I hope this will satisfy those fellow spankos out there!!

Ask questions!!

Happy Spanking!!


9 thoughts on “Spanking!!

      1. yes agreed ….in the world of bdsm we find people who enter with many misconceptions and some enter just looking things from outside and that hurts…..bdsm is not something we can say let me try…it has to come from heart ,it is a living lifestyle….we cannot in reality teach to those who are just curious we can only let those know who from heart have a passion to be in this lifestyle…great of you for teaching many the lifestyle ,how it is to be lived and enjoyed…be blessed.
        (Dom for 9+years online experience so in case ever you feel something to ask let me try and help)

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I agree with all of you and this post…it’s hard to put something so emotional into words and often when using those words, the meaning escapes people who just don’t get it…so unfortunately only those who agree can see the real pleasure/pain/submission in almost everything.

    Happy spanking and happy spankees!

    Liked by 1 person

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