Being comfortable…

….with talking about sex.  

This could be just being okay with talking about it for jokes or actually talking to a person you want to have sex with. 

1. Do your research ( can’t stress this enough. Knowledge is confidence. ) 

If you want to talk about a certain aspect about it than research that thing specifically. 

2. Make sure you know who you are talking to. 

You want to be comfortable with the people you talk about sex with. Make sure these aren’t the type of people who could be easily shocked or offended. 

3. Be confident

You don’t actually have to be confident. Pretend to be confident. Just start the conversation like it was any other topic. Or ask someone a question about sex that you may or may not know the answer to. 

The more people talk about sex, the less stressful it will be to know what people’s likes and dislikes are in bed. And then you will have better sex!!! 


3 thoughts on “Being comfortable…

    1. Yes…this is true, but I guess my theory is if you talk about sex and communicate with your partner about sex, then it will fill some of those uncertainties. It’ll probably be awkward. But at least now you don’t have to guess what the person likes, although asking questions during sex is sometimes hot.

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