Be yourself 

This is the most important thing you can learn from BDSM. 

Do not be afraid to let your kinky side out. 

As long as there is consent, communication, and safety, then you and your partner have freedom to do whatever you want. Of course, make sure it’s legal where you are so you don’t get arrested, and also let me re-mention the top three things: Consent Communication Safety. 

But now…don’t be afraid to try new things. Make sure you know what you are willing to at least try and what you will never budge on. And be completely honest with yourself…even if a part of you is rebelling against the kink or fetish or lifestyle. 

Find a person who is willing to explore new things with you. Don’t push them. Just mention something and see how they respond. 

Sometimes they might figure it out for themselves. 

This post is to just remind everyone to just be themselves. 


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