Exhibition is exactly what you expect it to be. You are doing a sexual act in front of someone else.

It’s not for everyone and there are small and large scales of it.

It could be as simple as masturbating in front of your partner.

There is no shame..it’s exciting..thrilling even.

Knowing someone is watching you makes it seem dirty and hot.

Some go as far as having sex in front of a live audience. It all depends on the person.

Sometimes you don’t have to be masturbating or having sex..you could just get a rush in stripping in front of other people. Or perhaps getting punished (spanked or other types) in front of others.

Exhibition is an erotic act.

If it isn’t your thing…that’s fine.

But if it is..make sure you let your partner know …don’t force them to do something..and don’t manipulate them either.

Safety always comes first. 


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