Words Dominants should say

Since I am attempting to be the more dominant in my relationship (and really loving it), I decided that I should look at things submissives like to hear from their Dominants. Or things Dominants have said to their submissives. For  those of you are like me and just starting their dominating side, I decided to give you a list of some phrases and words I found. Some of these phrases or words I am going to say need context, but most likely you can use your imagination for that. Each submissive is different, so don’t expect all submissives to grow weak at the knees with just any of these. I also put some in that may only work if your submissive is a girl or a boy, and some I put in that would only work if you male or female. I  am going to say now that I might not personally say all of these.

Here is a list:

I’m not done with you yet

Come here.

Now. (at the end of basically any phrase.)

You don’t get to cum until I say so, ok?

I’m going to have my way with you now.

Do you trust me?

Get on your knees.

You’re going to cum for me now.

I want you wet for me.

Mmm this tight/hot little body/ass/pussy belongs to me. Do you understand?

You’re mine to play with and do whatever I want to.

You’re my dirty little slut.

You’re such a good (cocksucking) little slut/girl.

I love your tight/hot/sexy little body/ass/pussy.

I want to cum in that tight/hot/wet little ass/mouth/pussy of yours.

You’re not allowed to orgasm until I cum at least twice.

You are so beautiful.

Hold still, do not move!

Look into my eyes!

Spread your legs for me!

I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you. (whispered)

Did you just tell me how to do something?

You like that, don’t you?



I’m sure there are a zillion other things a Dominant can say, but those are just a few. With this said, like always, make sure you get know your submissive well enough to say some of these things, or even ask them.

Happy Dominating.






10 thoughts on “Words Dominants should say

    1. Every person is different and starts out differently. It may work for you to just say things and see how it goes, but it never hurts to have some things written down to jog your memory or give you ideas for something else to say.


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