I was looking through my terminology pages and saw this word and was quite intrigued.

Edging is when you stimulate yourself or someone else to the point of an orgasm, but never getting to an orgasm until you decide to. It is used in all types of relationships, not just bdsm.

When you edge, it is said you cam have a more intense orgasm. Which I can verify. I have often edged myself while masturbating. The way I do it is: I stimulate around my clip until I feel an orgasm coming, then I slow down on the speed or pressure and redo from the top, until I can’t stand it anymore. I have only been able to edge myself four times as the maximum. But most of the time it is only twice. Once I let myself orgasm….well I can assure you it is quite intense.

It’s not just for females, but for males too. Though I don’t have any knowledge of that.

If you try it with a partner, make sure to get there consent. It can be quite traumatic to feel so close and then all the stimulation is taken away. But know your partner’s limits

Edging/orgasm control can be a great for Dominants showing their power. You can even train your submissive to come on command after they have been edged.

Again each person is different. And some people might not like the orgasm denial to be long, others actually do like when it takes them so long before they can come, and others may not like it all.

Anyway, if you have more questions just let me know.

Also…happy 2017


One thought on “Edging

  1. Edging as well as forced orgasms are part of my usual play as I am a Top for her pleasure! It is wonderful to see the regular orgasm ramped up into a powerful release that leaves either a serene smile on her face or puts her into the O-zone and udder subspace!

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