Erotic Dancing

When you think of erotic dancing you may instantly think of stripper status with pole dancing or lap dancing. Which is great! 

But let us not forget that just dancing is a huge turn on, no matter what. It’s something that makes your partner look at your body and what it can do which is hot.

Some focal points you may want to exentuate are basically everything, but it’s easiest in this order: neck, boobs, butt, hips, legs, arms and back. Now the last two are the most difficult to make look sexy, but surprisingly, you don’t need to work at it. It’s all in your presentation. If you wear something with a low back your back is automatically in the “hot” category. With arms all you have to do is let them do their thing: run up and down your body.  All that stuff. 

Now you can have the body, but maybe you don’t have the face. The face is the most important. You want to make it as cool and seductive as possible. Don’t try too hard. Put yourself in that mindset. What makes you want to seduce your partner? What reactions do you want?

It’s never perfect. You may make a weird face, but they might not notice. For most of the dance they won’t be looking at your face, the reason why you want to stay in that seductive mode is for the few glances they have towards your face. Just a glance at you doing something sexy with your body and having an all knowing face with piercing eyes and a teasing smile, well  yoy can imagine it to be very hot. 

Now sometimes you may think, dancing is not for me ….for various reasons. That’s fine! But no one said you had to do a full lap dance for your partner everytime. 

Say, you have music on, and you are feeling a bit sexy and you want to change it up and be a bit seductive. You can simply do this move: drop something, bend down with either your ass towards them or towards the side, make sure your feet are apart and if you  are facing side glance their way with a teasing smile and roll back up. 

Pretty simple, yet gets your point across. 

If you have more detailed questions about this subject, please ask me in the comments or through my email. 

I’ve had 19 years of dancing in multiple genres, so I know about some things you can do. 


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