Yes sir

I have talked about how words are an important part of any relationship, but it seems particularly true of a D/s relationship.

Today I would like to discuss how a submissive can determine whether the person you have an interest in is dominant.

Submissives really have it much easier than Domimants, at least in the communication. If a Dom tries to hint that they are dominant or tries to get the other person to reveal that they are submissive, it could go very wrong. 

So, submissives, you’ll have to be the brave one. Of course, Doms, go for it, but at your own risk. 

Here are some simple ways to figure out if a person is kinky or a Dom:

1. Talk about a previous partner, check to see if they are interested in what you are talking about or want to change the topic. If you are brand new, talk about some of your fantasies. It’s not too difficult to bring up, especially if you are already flirting with them. 

2. Use “sir” or “ma’am” in a playful way. See how they respond.

3. Ask what is their favorite sexual movie. (Not porn).

4. Talk about a kinky friend and see how they respond. 

5. Talk about how you really like doing things for others. 

6. Talk about something that makes you wet. 

7. Lastly simply ask what their tastes are sexually. 
I’m sure there are more, but there is a preview. Good luck! 


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