It takes courage to put yourself out there. Sometimes you do it to attract attention,  sometimes to just remind yourself that you are sexy. 

I took four pictures of myself for the later reason. I really would like to be more comfortable in my own skin and body.  

That’s what being in BDSM is all about. Allowing yourself the pleasures that some may think are a little out there. But as time goes on we get braver and braver with talking about our desires. And not just sexually. 

It’s not surprising that those who know what they want I’m bed also have more of an idea what they want in a relationship. Think about it. 

Of course, I’m not 100% sure, but it’s my opinion. Something to bite on. 

Enjoy my pictures, I did. 


8 thoughts on “Mhmm

  1. And, I completely agree with your point about those who know what they want in bed and in relationships…in both cases, when we can finally become comfortable with what we truly want and allow ourselves to enjoy that we can find contentment 🙂

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