The Caring Dominant

This may sound strange to you. 

 Isn’t it all about the Dominant taking control and using their Dominance to gey the submissive to do things?

Not at all. There are multiple types of Doms and the one I’m talking about today is the caring Dom. 

I identify most with this, since I’m a giving person. 

I consider myself a switch, but more tendency to be submissive. But I’ve talked about the submissives point of view for a while. 

So , how do you be a giving Dom?

Well it basically starts out the same as any other D/s relationship, with a list of limits from the submissive or a contract. 

Then basically , instead of making them worship you and doing everything for you. You give them rules to make themselves better. For instance , like giving them a morning and night routine. 

Then, if they forget to take care of something,  you punish them , like a spanking or doing chores or something. 

When they do take care of everything, then you reward them with sexual pleasures. 

Of course, you can still do things that will turn them on during the day, like wearing a butt plug under their clothes. Or something like that. 

This probably sounds like the Dom rarely gets any sex at all. But I like to think that when I’m the Dominant, I only get rewarded when the submissive does. And because the submissive trusts me and loves me completely, they will feel so bad that they really want to make sure that both of us get our reward. 

Anyway…that’s a glimpse of the giving Dom.


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