What does it take to be a submissive?

Here are a few things to know about how to be a submissive:

1. Know yourself;your limits and your expectations.

2. Know when to submit and when not to. 

3. Never allow yourself to feel inferior, unless this is desired by you. 

4. Be true to what you want and what you need. 

5. Don’t be afraid to communicate.

6. If you aren’t getting anything out of the relationship, maybe it isn’t the right one for you. 

7. Feel at peace when you submit yourself to your Dominant. 

8. Let your Dominant push your limits without breaking them.

9. Use your safeword or your “yellow when you need to stop during a scene.

10. If you don’t find some pleasure in your submission, don’t submit, even if you used to find pleasure in it. We are humans and will grow and change. Talk things out with your partner,  calmly. 

11. Do your research, your Dominant doesn’t always have to come up with new ideas.

12. Talk about your relationship with someone, if allowed, it’s good to express your feelings to your friends or in a blog post. 

13. Rules are good to follow, however, if your Dominant doesn’t mind, do something special for your Dom to show your appreciation , no matter how small it may be. 

14. Submissive doesn’t equal subdued. 

15. Enjoy yourself and your submission

Question for the comment section: What do you think are some things submissives should do, or feel, or say?


One thought on “What does it take to be a submissive?

  1. Great read and advice! In my D/s relationship as His submissive I try to forsee his needs and wants take preemptive action. Communication is huge, definitely number one. It leads to respect which transcends into trust. I can be defiant at times… but in different ways He always reminds me who I am and how much I enjoy being His. 💜

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