Educate yourself

Whenever I looked up “BDSM” there is always one article about the difference between abuse and BDSM or how “vanillas” will never except us. 

It scares me to think there are still people who abuse others under the name of BDSM. This is why I always make a point to tell my readers to be safe and consensual and to know the person you are playing with. 

Safety and consent are pretty standard taught, however,  I throw in the last one about knowing your partner for the reason that even if you have safe words, you might be too far gone for that. It is up to the Dominant person to know what’s too much for their partner. And if they aren’t sure, don’t be risk takers, ask. Submissives don’t be frustrated when the Dominant asks what you want. This is NECESSARY. 

Anyway, just thought I’d say something. 

Also if you would like to contact me I have a tumblr: guroset “You Like it”.


One thought on “Educate yourself

  1. Very very true. Without careful attention those signs that a sub is checking out can be missed. And can happen quickly, even with someone you know. Happened to me with someone I knew well and loved. He got focused and I checked out. Scared the shit out of him!

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