Pleasure and pain. That’s what BDSM is , right?

Pleasure. To give pleasure. To receive pleasure. 

No matter what role I take, my foremost goal with my partner is pleasure. I have few things that turn me off and so am pretty willing to experiment or do whatever they want me to do. 

My motto is : If it pleases them , it pleases me. 

I think it’s ultimately everyone’s goal to please the other person….but I think there are some who are better at receiving pleasure than giving it. And this doesn’t mean just the obvious pleasure, but whatever the partner wants. 

Giving pleasure is a huge turn on for me. It may have to do something with me being a submissive…but really …I think it works if I were Domme. 

Of course….I like being mischievous and teasing my partner before giving them what they want….unless it’s something I can’t wait for either. 

Anyway…happy pleasuring! 


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