What does it take to be a submissive?

Here are a few things to know about how to be a submissive: 1. Know yourself;your limits and your expectations. 2. Know when to submit and when not to.  3. Never allow yourself to feel inferior, unless this is desired by you.  4. Be true to what you want and what you need.  5. Don't …

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The Caring Dominant

This may sound strange to you.   Isn't it all about the Dominant taking control and using their Dominance to gey the submissive to do things? Not at all. There are multiple types of Doms and the one I'm talking about today is the caring Dom.  I identify most with this, since I'm a giving person.  …

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BDSM vs. Abuse

  BDSM vs. abuse....one would think that maybe this might be easy to figure out the difference...however for some people, it's not that obvious. The most important thing to remember is consent. If both parties did not give consent then it is abuse.  However, it may be difficult to know whether you consented to it or not. …

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